August 26, 2017

Summer Stories in Cultural History

How can I loose weight? my neighbor asks.
Don’t eat bread, I say. 
Don’t you know some kind of mantra? she replies.

“This” so says her tattoo on her leg.
This what? I ask. 
This body, this moment, this... she says.

Do you also want a Kaffee crema? 
No, I want it black. 
It’s black! 
Confused look in the eyes.    

Bakery German
Most art is advertisement, the artist Wolfgang Müller tells me. 
Andy Warhol knew. So he took advertisement and made it into art.

In Japanese tradition, the artist Akane Kimbara tells me, they believe there is a God in everything. She herself talks to everything, also inanimate objects like chairs and pillows and asks them how they’re doing. Even the Japanese advertisement on her internet does this: a water drop is immediately turned into a character. 

It’s a summery evening and I’m sitting on a bench in the park by myself drinking a beer. A woman of my age passes by, also with a bottle of beer. We look at each other and wink. 

Bench talk

I’m taking care of the dachshund Otto for a few days. Write a poem for him, his owner texts me while I’m dog walking. Otto likes poetry. While Otto is pulling at his line, I manage to get my notebook out and jot down: “Dog hunts birds and takes the poet in tow.”

How is life with a Dackel? so the owner checks up with me a day later. Otto is so excited about being outside, I say, that I’m starting to think the same. Outside is much more exciting than inside. Yes, the owner says, I feel weird when I’m outside without him.

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