July 23, 2017

Little Art Stories for Sunday Afternoon

I was thinking about posterity when I caught myself. I had picked the wrong word, not "posterity" but "prosperity." 

A customer at the bookstore wants to buy a Thomas Struth catalogue on sales for only 7 Euro. In German it's called "Ramsch" [junk]. The customer is suspicious: "I want to buy this book but why is it that cheap?"
There're three possible answers for the salesperson:
1. It's a bad artist.
2. I think it's still too expensive.
3. With each question it's 1 Euro more. 

"So glamorous!" I told the chief editor, in full admiration for his job at a prestigious art magazine. 
"Not glamorous, it's difficult," he said. 
True. Glamour should be easy. If it's not easy, one can't call it glamour.

"I'm exhausted," so M. at the bookstore. 
"What happened?" 
"I tried to motivate my children." 

1 comment:

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