July 11, 2017

How to start a Schönen Tag

At the bakery this morning the man next to me was having his inner conversation out loud:

Freundlich, mir einen schönen Tag zu wünschen... [gießt Milch im Kaffee]

Der fängt dann gleich an. [rührt im Kaffee]

OK. So... [nimmt Kaffee und schreitet aus] 

How friendly, to wish me a beautiful day... [pours milk in his coffee]

It will start right now. [stirs his coffee]

OK. So... [takes his coffee and leaves] 

And just for fun, some coffee poems and picture haiku's I have written in that same bakery

Soft escalation: 

drinking so so coffee
in a too large coffee 
cup as if trying to 
convince me there's
more to content
but then 
there's not

coffee with lipstick
awaiting the break of day
with anticipation
to leave more marks on things 
but especially on you

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