May 13, 2017

Secret Thoughts in Italy

I’m not at the Venice Biennial this year. Instead I’m watching birds at a residency in Piedmont. But some things you don’t have to see for real to know what it’s about. “Venice Goes Crazy for Anne Imhof’s Bleak S&M Flavored German Pavilion” Artnet writes. Instead of on a rope, Imhof’s dancers are now moving (still like toads) on a glass transparent floor in the German Pavilion. Same same neoliberal capitalist stuff. The smug vain posing of the dancers totally goes on my nerves. Honestly, don’t you feel like going there and give them a slap from left to right? 

The review in Artnet News is very fitting. Read this text and tell me what the author is saying really. What freedom? Whose freedom? These kind of reviews make me feel sick in the stomach:

“Her brooding set pieces seem to capture the anxious mood of our time, where the freedoms that we enjoyed and took for granted for so long seem to be about to topple down. Imhof’s work may be “sexy” but it is not “pretty,” and neither is contemporary life for many. The dark beauty she conjures up is like a new Gothic style for our age: romantic, sublime, and terrifying. Because despite its formal fancies, its underlying themes hit very close to home.”

Another secret thought: Hans Ulrich Obrist is a sleeping pill. 


  1. Hans Ulrich, he's the pea under my mattress. His instagran and his establishing relationships with my stalkers don't let me sleep. He recommends them to everybody, as in... help them.
    Anne Imhof’s artwork Faust, nauseous knowing where she got the name and topless dancers like the cherry to top of the I-scream. And definitely is not sexy more like a Benetton ad.


    this is where faust comes from, went a long way all to berlin. That's why is bleak ! A stalker designer and his buddies making pacts with the devil and he climb in colombia until he got to dean and his theater friend to replace him, they do song and dance. They cover evil deeds, stalking with corrupt political peace and non-racism against segregation pamphelts and sometime self critique. that performance is all part of the dirty system, seems like critique but is not. Is with them .He's like a grinch he steals same ol' hernando crazy stalker and his assistant camilo. ( he uses that fb to gloat himself ) best regards An

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