October 28, 2016

Art Question: Can an artist still work with the material fat?

It’s really hard to pull it off. Some material is just done with. It’s rare that an artist used a material in such a way you can’t use it anymore. Whereas Andy Warhol did it with coca cola, Josef Beuys took fat. Yesterday I met somebody who did pull it off though. It’s Wolfgang Müller and we met for cheese cake at Café Olé in the Boddinstraße in Neukölln. In his backpack he had a fat ball in bronze with him. Who would ever think to make a bronze sculpture out of a fat ball? The artist does. It's called Übermaterialisierung. I know Wolfgang Müller once did research on which brand of fat ball is the best. I imagine him watching the birds at his window. Luckily the Berlin winter is long so you can do in depth research. You probably want to know which fat ball came out as the most qualitative. I don’t know. Unfortunately TEST Magazine doesn't publish the results of artistic research on products.

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