September 14, 2016

Little Thoughts on Art: I'm Popular

I’ve never been so popular. People are reading my texts by the thousands. That’s the visitors’ rate of the exhibition Das Kapital in Hamburger Bahnhof. Curators Catherine Nichols and Eugen Blume asked me to write the short texts for their exhibition items and then they put them in a pink booklet for the visitors to take along in the exhibition. Pink, the most pop color! You can imagine how excited I am. Every time I’m at the museum, I go see my fans. I must say that sometimes they seem to be more interested in my texts than in the visuals. Short texts are the hardest genre to write for an art writer. The visitors are not stupid and have eyes to see for themselves. You also don’t want to kill the art work by interpreting it. So what to write about? Well, go and see for yourself in Das Kapital exhibition, my dear reader. Should I start a Facebook group for this? 

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