August 5, 2016

Summer Musing: Ticket to Nowhere

Over the last years the Berlin Bienniale has gotten kind of a bad reputation: it seems like a ticket to nowhere. I mean, it destroys promising careers instead of boosting them, and isn’t that what a Bienniale is supposed to do with those "young" talents it picks to curate? Take for instance Artur Zmijewski, 2011. Did somebody hear from him after he curated the Bienniale? In his downfall he destroyed also the Occupy Movement, or that might be giving him too much credit... Or take the last Bienniale 2013 curated by Juan Gait├ín, which wasn't a downfall but rather leading to nothing much - I only remember that it took place in Dahlem and that it rained. And this year, 2016, it’s the downfall of DIS-Magazine. After that Guardian review their only option is to  droop back to their bubble in New York City. Who’s still going to invite them? Maybe the internet? 

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