December 4, 2015

I Love Art Gadgets 2: Make Time Run!

3 and 5 minutes sand hours

Another favourite art gadget of mine are the sand hours at the art bookstore. They come in different colours and in different minutes: 3 or 5. I bought the 3 minutes one, because I'm doing these meridian exercises in the morning and I have to hold those for exactly three minutes. At least, I'm trying to, and I reckoned the sand hour would motivate me to perform better. M. of the bookstore bought the 5 minutes so his kids can time the brushing of their teeth. M. from the entrance desk told me he likes to cook eggs 5min.50secs. and that's why he decided against buying the 5 minutes sand hour. "Do three minutes cost less than 5 minutes of time?" a customer asked. A legitimate question. "No," M. responded sec, "same price, we wouldn’t want to charge more for that little bit of sand." Very generous. So it's 19 Euros for 3 and 5 minutes, and although that's not cheap, they are selling really well. When I came back a few days later, time was sold out. M. told me that time sells even better than Andy Warhol. The success has turned Walther König bookstore people a little euphoric and now they are also selling a 1 hour sand hour. We got a little megalomaniac there on the spot and were calculating how much sand we would need for a 500 years sand hour. It turned out that 1051 kilos of sand are needed, but P. thinks that M. miscalculated on this one. I got the luminous idea of a performance at the sand hour stand, turning them upside down while quoting Joseph Beuys' "Was ist nun mit der Zeit?" That's when the bookstore people got fed up with me (always at that point I'm starting to get ideas...), and asked me: isn't it time to get to work?

1 hour sand hour

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