December 3, 2015

I Love Art Gadgets 1: The Unofficial Beuys Candle

It's really nothing to be ashamed of, although the bookstore people think one should be: the love for art gadgets. I find the art gadget business a very interesting business, one that reveals a lot about the art world. You see, it's not an easy one, the art gadget business. It can be really difficult to obtain the rights to do a gadget about an artist. Take Joseph Beuys for instance. It's not allowed to make gadgets of Beuys. I'm guessing that his widow is preventing it. Art gadgets are kitsch, of course, and one has to protect the reputation of an artist. Some artists are just unfit for gadgets, like Anselm Kiefer, it wouldn't work. But Beuys... he had humour and that translates well into gadgets. Walther König bookstore has some postcards of Beuys, but no objects. Yet, bookstore people are very clever (at least the Hamburger Bahnhof Walther König ones). At the desk there're selling an unofficial Beuys art gadget: it's rabbit candle, made out of beeswax, or so it seems. Haha, it doesn't say it's a Beuys, but of course everybody gets the picture. The bookstore people confirmed to me yesterday that it's the best selling art gadget of the year. Good old Beuys!

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