December 31, 2015

Berlin Art Lovers: Berglind Ágústsdóttir on Brutal Honesty

Portrait of Berglind Ágústsdóttir. Photo: Karolina Daria Flora

I got to know Berglind Ágústsdóttir in 2010, when she performed a homage to Valeska Gert's candle dance in Südblock, as part of the accompanying program of the Valeska Gert exhibition that I curated together with Wolfgang Müller in Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin. In 2014 I saw her again, this time performing in the gallery Kling og Bang in Reykjavik. Since then I've been following Berglind Ágústsdóttir on social media - checking out her Radio Mix Kassette and the experimental music festival she organised this summer 2015. Whereas many artists try so hard to be uncompromised and unadapted, Berglind is a natural free spirit, with nothing forceful to it. It's funny, but it's rare to find an artist to be unique and authentic. We talked about brutal honesty, emotions, and doing your thing. 

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