September 16, 2015

Berlin Art Week: Get The Party Started!

Christine Sun Kim with friend flashing their VIP bracelets at the entrance of the Monopol party

Berlin Art Week is a party from the beginning to the end. Where the art comes in, that is still to be seen. But it can't hurt to have fun! If you're a social justice person, then this is your time to get drunk on free alcohol and stuffed with food just to compensate the lack of payment in the art world. As you already know from my reporting on Berlin Gallery Weekend, I have a weak spot for society news - the latest "have you heard?" So parties, bring it on, I'm game... And I'm also happy to say that I'm sporting a funky VIP Berlin Art Week card. I'm very excited because this is the very first time that I'm not the +1 in this story but the VIP myself. I know, I'm progressing... 

Sleek online editor Will Furtado with artist kate hers RHEE

Yesterday I hit two parties - starting at Sleek Magazine in Haus Ungarn, followed by a flash visit to the Monopol Party in Bar Weekend. What is interesting about this, is that Alexanderplatz seems to be back on the radar of the art world. Former experimental art spaces like LEAP and HBC. left here a few years ago - now we're back, well, at least  the party is. A sign that the Berlin art world is going in the right direction, was the presence of New York artist Christine Sun Kim at both parties. She recently relocated to Berlin and this can only mean that New York has lost its spirit whereas Berlin is now the place to be. The night was filled with this kind of optimism. The new online editor of Sleek Magazine Will Furtado was schmoozing with artist kate hers RHEE. Artist Björn Wallbaum said he's doing the right thing by moving back to Berlin after a year of absence. And art writer Sarah Luisa Santos told me she writes for this blog called Berlin loves you. Berlin, I heart you too. 

Sarah Luisa Santos and Christine Sun Kim at the Sleek party in Haus Ungarn
Artists Björn Wallbaum and Guglielmo Castelli  
Art lover Shuai Wang and artist Shota Nakamura

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