August 9, 2015

Berlin Art Lovers: Onika Simon - Art and Design

Onika Simon at the Havana Biennial. Photo: Kwame Charles

Lazy days, Leo days? Somehow Onika Simon and I always get going in August. Remember last August when Onika and I started a conversation on art and design, which materialised itself in an exhibition titled Sorry for Laughing at KN gallery, showing work by Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen and Raphael Abrams. For this second conversation, one year later, we decided to turn the dialogue into an interview that is part of my ongoing Berlin Art Lovers series. And yes, this interview exceeds your normal attention span (which, according to YouTube, is 2 minutes), but it won't be a problem this time because Onika opens eyes until the very last second when she talks about pattern recognition in contemporary art! Check out her Berlin based company Spokehub for more.

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