May 14, 2015

Art Blogger of the Week: Flávia Dalla Bernardina in Vitoria, Brazil

I'm frustrated that I don't read Portuguese, but I read some texts in English by Flávia Dalla Bernardina and therefore I can say that she writes poetic thoughts, like, let me quote: "That is what the future is about: the time we can never reach or the time that doesn’t exist." And also the visuals of her blog have a poetry to them. I was then also surprised to hear that she's a lawyer, which I always thought of as a domain devoid of poetry. But I must be mistaken, because for Flávia law and art get along pretty well:

Art scene
"Brazil is a very large country with continental distances. We have many countries within ours and that is creating a very interesting art scene outside the center space converged between Rio-Sao Paulo. Specially in the North/Northeast of the country, where the culture and the contact with nature has its singularities, some interesting artists and works of art are arising.

We also have an unique open sky museum – Inhotim – just outside the city of Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais. It is a unique place indeed, which combines gorgeous landscape and relevant artists in a very singular interaction between the space and the work of art itself.

The Art Market is also in expansion – with two main art fairs on the calendar: SP Arte and ArtRio.

Brazilian artists often relate to nature and it’s remainings in their work, whether if it’s video or photograph (see Rodrigo Braga), a performance (see Berna Reale)  or sculpture (Jose Rufino). 

However I truly believe we can’t speak about specific themes locally nor local scenes anymore. The boundaries are open and although Brazilians in general have serious issues concerning self esteem – which is another topic – the country is growing artistically indeed."

"I started my blog in 2007 and at first it was supposed to be about my impressions and feelings about any work of art (mainly dance and literature). However it became a space of poetry and chronicles - which became a book released in 2010 – Além de Todo Gesto. Because of the blog I began writing weekly chronicles on the local newspaper about contemporary issues, not only art. They are being pulled together on a book that will be release this coming August."

"On 2012 when I took a specialization course on Art History in Rio, I started seeing more exhibitions (downtown Rio is very rich culturally and artistically) and writing about them. Some were assignments encouraged by the course coordinator, others were my personal choice.

In between the course, I started working with a local art collector, helping him with his exhibition here in Vitoria (my hometown), and also writing about his contemporary art collection, which was also published in the newspaper as well as in the exhibition’s catalogue.
At the same time I wrote a project for a contemporary art gallery -  a Collector’s Club. Since I am an Intellectual Property lawyer, I performed legal advisory concerning autor’s rights and contracts, as well as producing the club.

Being a lawyer in such a specific field of the law that relates directly to art, actually empower me to search and occupy an unique place, aiming to build bridges between art and law."

"I believe that blogging gives such a visibility for those who write and in the past didn’t have an opportunity to publish. I am one of those examples, since due to my blog and previous experiences I’ve been writing reviews for a national art magazine called Das Artes. Also I’ve been invited to lectures and round tables to discuss not only contemporary art, but also literature, poetry and dance, considering I’ve been a professional dancer basically my entire adolescence and early adult life.

Blogging combined with social media can be a powerful tool to replicate one’s work. It is a new way of doing things – just about anything. Art writing is only one of them."

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